How to Cut Wood Slices with a Chainsaw

Trees are an integral part of our lives. Apart from the air purification and rain-pulling aspects, they provide wood which is a material which you can use for various purposes. The material can be used for construction as well as aesthetic purposes.

Obtaining the material is one thing; cutting up the entire tree into desirable pieces is another issue. There are many ways that you can go about this process, the chainsaw being the fastest way. It is mainly suitable for cutting wood slices from large trunks of trees but you can also use it for cutting smaller slices.

In as much as a chainsaw is effective in slicing through wood effortlessly, it can also be extremely dangerous with the capability of maiming you or even worse, kill you. This article will aim to help you learn how to get maximum results from this gadget without causing harm to yourself or cause unnecessary wastage of wood.

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Cut Wood Slices with a Chainsaw

Equipment you will need 

First things first, there are several items that have to be there for a chainsaw wood-slicing to take place. The first obvious item is the tree trunk that you are supposed to slice. Place it in the right angle and you will be good to go.

The chainsaw is another necessity which should be in the best condition to give you an unhindered flawless performance. The good condition will also be vital in minimizing the occurrence of accidents and injuries.

Finally, still on safety, you will need protective clothing to guard you against getting serious injuries which you will be exposed to once you start using a chainsaw. These attires include thick gloves, long sleeves, and protective goggles. We shall go deeper into the use of each item further in the article.

Cutting the wood slices with a chainsaw

Using the chainsaw to cut the wood slices should be a simple and straightforward process provided that you follow the instructions to the latter. Failure to do so would make the entire process futile and potentially life-threatening.

Let us now dive right into the instructions.

Put on the protective attire

When it comes to using the chainsaw, the main issue that you should put into consideration is your safety. It can be quite a dangerous gadget and so you must take the appropriate steps to ensure that the worst never happens.

Thick gloves together with long-sleeved shirt will serve to protect your arms and hands from wood chips that have a habit of flying around during the slicing process. Additionally, chainsaw chaps protect you from such items.

Then, your eyes will also need protection and you can achieve this by use of goggles. A helmet with a face screen would come in handy if you intend to cut many slices.

This process will also involve a lot of sawdust and therefore a dust mask will help in guarding you from breathing it in. When it comes to the feet, steel-toed boots will help in providing protection against wood droppings which may land on your feet and hurt you.

Place the wood you are about to cut in an appropriate position  

For uninterrupted sawing, the chainsaw needs to slice through the wood without hitting the ground. To achieve this, you will need to prop the end of the tree up to at least 15cm off the ground. You may use a log jack for propping up the log as well as a sawhorse for hoisting the log above the ground.

Chainsaws are suited for cutting through large tree trunks and branches and in the process, you will end up with very large slices. These will come in handy as you make pedestals and rustic table tops. Try maintaining the diameter of the slices at between 30cm to 46cm to give you an easy time while drying them in the oven.

Note the knots in the trunk

Before you start sawing, look for circular protrusions from the branch. This is what we call a knot and it is an area of the trunk where wood is condensed.

Ensure that you mark out the knots as sawing through them can be quite dangerous. By marking them out, you can be sure to avoid them once you commence with the slicing process.

Measure and mark where to cut through the tree

You should decide on your preferred thickness beforehand and then use a tape measure to measure the thickness. Use a permanent marker to guide you in having a sawing point for you to slice through.

Alternatively, you can use a masking tape as your guide by wrapping it around the tree.

Slicing the trunk

First, you will have to hold the chainsaw with both hands, turn it on and hold it between 10cm to 13cm above the tree and place it in line with the slicing guides that you made.

You should then wrap the left thumb around the front handle of the chainsaw’s grip, and lower it down to the trunk to slice it. This simple act of wrapping your thumb gives you full control over the saw just in case there are any kickbacks.

Gliding the blade through the wood

This is now the core part of the entire procedure. You will use the saw to push through the tree trunk by applying minimal pressure. Ensure that you hold it as firmly as possible to ensure that you get a clean and straight cut.

Again we insist that you do not apply a lot of force on the saw. Instead, just guide it and it will accomplish most of what you desire.

Move away the slice and repeat (If you wish)

Once you get your first slice, turn off the chainsaw and move it out of the way. If one is your desired number then you are done.

If you need more slices, you will simply have to repeat the simple actions until you reach your desired number.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, cutting wood slices by use of a chainsaw is not only the fastest way of doing so but it is also quite simple provided that you follow the simple instructions to the latter.

The main thing that should always stick at the back of your mind is that safety comes first, therefore always be keen on the instructions and remember to wear the protective gear as well all the time.

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