How to Replace Trimmer Line – A Step-By-Step Guide

A lawn trimmer has to be maintained by keeping the trimmer line in check. That’s because after several uses, the line may get broken and worn out. Luckily, replacing the line in the spool isn’t difficult provided you know the right steps to follow.

The procedures of replacing the trimmer line depend on whether your machine is a single-line trimmer, double line trimmer or a speed-feed trimmer. Worth noting is that there are many brands of lawn trimmers made by different manufacturers.

If you look closer, you’re likely to notice that the replacement steps are almost related even for the different kinds of machines. Nonetheless, it is important to be familiar with the features of your machine and especially the width of the line your device uses.

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How to Replace Trimmer Line

Purchase the Correct Replacement Line

Although different brands of trimmers have slightly varying features, the basic concept of trimmer line replacement is the same.

Before you can replace the line, it is first and foremost important to have the correct line that is designed to work in your lawn trimmer. You need to buy the length and width that matches your device. Avoid using the wrong line because it will not work effectively.

For example, a heavier line will not advance well, it can cause the motor to overload and also make the device to overheat. While a thin line will not trim well.

If you don’t have the features of the trimmer line for your device, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service department with the specifications of your machine. Alternatively, you can get the information from the manufacturer’s website, online.

To replace the line, all you need is the replacement line, a tape measure for measuring the length of the line, and a cutting tool for cutting the line. Please note that some lines are tough and not easy to cut, for that matter, you need a utility knife, sharp scissors or gardening shears for this operation.

Opening the Lawn Trimmer

Then, find a working surface to place your lawn trimmer. You can place the trimmer on a chair or table. It will give you a good working position and prevent you from bending while working. Also, wear working gloves before beginning the task.

Before opening the lawn trimmer, ensure that it is switched off.  For safety reasons if the machine has a gearbox and the device was running, ensure that it cools down fast before working on the machine.

Remove the Old Line

After opening the device, you first need to remove the old line that is worn out and not effective anymore. Therefore, pull the line from the holes on the trimmer, then unwind it from the spool. The line is usually wrapped around the spool which is then inserted in the trimmer.

Procedures of Replacing Lines

Single-Line Trimmer Line Replacement

A single line trimmer uses only one trimming line only. Consequently, it has only one hole for inserting the line. Start by cutting the correct length of the line you need for the trimmer line.

Usually, required lengths vary between 10 inches to 25 inches. If you don’t know the length of line you need, then cut 25 inches of the line and then you can trim it later.

Figure out how the retaining cap of your lawn trimmer’s head is removed and then have it detached from the head. Different models of single-line trimmers have different designs.

Most of the time, it involves pressing tabs or unscrewing it. It is quite an easy thing to do, however, in case it proves difficult, contact the manufacturer’s customer service department.

Remove the spool from the trimmer. Then start to feed the trimmer by inserting the line. Follow the arrows on the trimmer. Ensure that the line is wrapped neatly around the spool, then when you have about 6 inches of line left, secure it in the retainer.

Now return the spool into the trimmer. Take the line that is in the retainer and pass it through the slot and then return the cap on the trimmer head.

Double-Line Trimmer Line Replacement

A double-line lawn trimmer is designed to operate with two lines at the same time. It has separate holes for inserting both lines. It, therefore, means that you will insert lines twice in this device.

After acquiring the correct width of trimmer line, cut the length required for your specific machine type. If you are not sure about the length that is required, then cut 25 inches of line.

Then remove the cap from the lawn mower to get access to the spool. Next, remove the spool by passing it through the head of the trimmer.

Then locate one starter hole and insert the line, and start winding the line following the direction of the arrows. Do it neatly and when a small length of the line is left, (about 6 inches), then insert it in the retainer to secure it. Now insert the second line. When you are through, you should be having line ends at the eyelets on the trimmer head which should be opposite positions on the spool. The two lines should be threaded through the eyelets that are on the trimmer head. Then return the spool back into the trimmer head. Ensure that the lines are feeding smoothly before restoring the retaining cap.

Speed-feed Trimmer Line Replacement

Your speed-feed trimmer has caps on the outside with arrows. Rotate the two caps to align the eyelets with the arrows. When they are aligned you can see light passing through the eyelets.

Then, pass the trimmer line through one eyelet, which will make it come through the other eyelet. Hold the trimmer line’s ends and pull to make them meet together.

You should have two lines of equal length.  Now twist the head of the lawn trimmer in a clockwise position until you have about 6 inches of line left only.

Restore the spool back into the device. Then each of the string should be inserted in the slots that are on the side of the head. Ensure that the spool is well aligned and return back the cap.

Also, make sure that the trimmer line is advancing smoothly by pulling the ends of the string.

Final Remarks

Whether you have a single-line, double line or speed-feeder, replacing the line is a simple procedure. You don’t need to have the technical know-how to do it. The process takes a short time regardless of the brand or model of lawn trimmer.

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