How To Use a Dewalt Hammer Drill – Important Tips

There are many manufacturers of hammer drills out there. A Dewalt hammer drill is a hammer drill manufactured by Black and Decker, the company behind the Dewalt brands. Black and Decker is a reliable manufacturer of hammer drills and other power and hand tools in the woodworking, construction and manufacturing industries.

A hammer drill is usually needed when you are drilling into hard and brittle surfaces like tiles, bricks, stone or concrete. It is especially useful when you need to drill many holes. A hammer drill uses a push and pull motion which enables it to do drill easily and fast through tough materials.

Below are tips you can use when using a Dewalt hammer drill in order to make the process more efficient.

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How To Use a Dewalt Hammer Drill

Know the Features of Your Hammer Drill

If it is your first time to handle a hammer drill and you don’t have any experienced person to instruct you, then you may need to practice first before actually using the device on a project. You can use a stone or brick to practice first and drill a hole or two before embarking on your project.

Learn how to operate all the settings of the drill including switching it on, switching it off and speed settings. The user manual will be very handy in helping you master how to operate the hammer drill.

The Type of Hammer Drill

How you will use the hammer drill will be greatly be determined by the type of hammer drill and features of the machine. There are different models of Dewalt hammer drills. Their classification is according to how they are powered.

Cordless power drills are battery powered and less powerful than electric or rotary drills. If you are doing heavy duty work, then it is best to use a rotary hammer drill. Other features to look out for in your hammer drill include a dual-mode operation that can allow both drilling and hammer drilling.

Besides that, check the speed range, if it is only one or more than one. Just as importantly learn its locking mechanism. Another very important feature in a hammer drill is a depth stopper. If your hammer drill does not have one, then you need to find a mechanism to measure the depth of the holes.

Also, some hammer drills have detachable handles. The handle provides more control when drilling very hard objects. Learn how to use the handle and how to attach and detach it.

After mastering some if not all the settings of your drill, now you can start working with your hammer drill.

Study the Task at hand

Examine the material you will be drilling, the size of the holes you will be drilling and how many holes in total you will be drilling. Then choose a suitable bit for the job. Wood and metal require a different bit from concrete and tiles which require masonry bits.

Worth noting is that carbide bits are the best for handling tough tasks. If you don’t use a hardy bit for tough jobs, the tip may burn and the motor can also get spoiled.

Wear Protective Equipment

Protective equipment is important when using any power tool to protect your health. The National Standards Institute, that is ANSI has requirements about what protective equipment should be worn when working.

Some of the equipment you need to wear include safety goggles, protective gloves, and ear defenders.

Set up the Hammer Drill Settings

A hammer drill has various features that need to be adjusted when working. The settings can be confusing to a newbie. The right settings will ensure it works to its optimum.

Powering Your Hammer Drill

If your hammer drill is cordless, then you will need to monitor your power usage.  Some brands have a battery gauge which shows the level of the battery charge. Alternatively, you can always invest in a spare battery which can be alternated when working.

But if you are using an electric hammer device, it is always safe to work with an outlet without the use of extension cords. However, if it is unavoidable, then take all the safety measures and ensure that your extension cord is a heavy-duty model that can handle your type of power tool.

Most importantly, when changing the drill bits of your hammer drill, ensure that your device is disconnected from the power source to prevent any kind of accidents.

Attach the Bit on the Hammer Drill

When attaching the bit into the hammer, ensure that it is tight enough. If it is loose it won’t work effectively.

Know the Depth of the Holes

When drilling, you need to do a uniform job, especially when drilling many holes. Knowing the depth of the hole to be drilled will help you to pick the right bit for the job. You will also know how deep to drill and set the stopper. Some drills have depth stoppers which help in drilling the right depth of the hole.

Find a Way to Control Dust and Heat

Some materials like tiles and concrete emit dust when being drilled. Therefore, before drilling, find a mechanism to control dust and heat. You can add a little water to the area being drilled to prevent dust formation.

Also, when drilling big holes, eventually dust accumulates before you complete drilling one hole. Keep clearing the hole of any accumulated dust by moving the bit up and down occasionally when drilling.

Start Drilling

Point the bit where you want to drill the hole. Drills work automatically and you do not need to use much of your physical energy. It only requires a little pressure to operate. Applying too much pressure can destroy the machine’s motor and the drill bit tip.

Stop if There is Resistance When Drilling

When drilling, the bit can encounter an object that may be hard to drill through. If there is unnecessarily too much resistance during drilling, stop and check if the cause is a harder object. You can use a nail and hammer to penetrate through the surface before you can proceed with drilling.

Stop Drilling if the Motor Overheats

Extended uses may make some machines prone to overheating. In such a case stop working for a while to allow the machine to cool off.

Final Remarks

Different models of Dewalt hammer drills have different features. Some may be quite heavy and tiring to carry for extended periods of time. Also, some vibrate and you may need to take breaks when working. Overall, Dewalt makes user-friendly, sturdy and durable drills which can tackle tough projects.

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