15 Creative Woodworking Projects for Kids

How can you keep your kids busy on the weekends and during school break while inspiring their creativity? Rather than have them preoccupied with only their devices and watching television, you can involve them in various woodworking projects. Here is a list of 15 projects that kids who are at the kindergarten level and onward can participate in.

Woodworking Projects for Kids

1. Wooden Tripod Stool

A wooden stool is perfect for the outdoors especially when camping and for the fireplace. They are simple to make. To make such a wooden tripod stool, you need a heavy canvas or leather for the seat, and three long dowel rods about 25 inches long and hardware for fixing the wooden stool.

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To make the stool, drill two holes in each dowel. One hole should be in the middle and one at the top where you will mount the screws for the seat. Start the project by bolting two legs together.

Add the third dowel and secure it with a bolt and a nut. The seat needs to be triangular and fit perfectly on the top of the three dowels. Drill holes in each of the three corners of the seat and secure it on the dowels using wood screws.

Finally, you can find a way to attach a strap to help in carrying the stool.

2. A Simple Wooden Door Sign

Draw a big pencil on a piece of paper. Now shape your wood to that design and paint it like a pencil. Drill two holes for attaching a string for pegging it on the door. Then have your kid write their two names on it.

3. Flower Holder                           

The holder is perfect for displaying flowers picked during spring and summer. Instead of using regular flower vases, you can use colorless water bottles to hold the flowers. To make this wooden flower holder, you need just four pieces of wood, two pieces will be about 7 inches long, and the other two pieces will be 14 inches.

One of the wood pieces (14 inches size) will need to have four holes drilled through them where the top of the bottles will go through. Assemble the four pieces of wood together to make your wooden flower holder using necessary hardware.

4. Wooden Stationery Storage

A wooden stationery holder works better at organizing and dispensing pencils, crayons and color pencils than a tin or box. It makes it easier to pick the color you need, and it is also a beautiful décor piece.

It is quite easy to make this organizer. You only need a block of wood and four to six holes bored into the wood and you are good to go. The holes should not be drilled through the wood. You can use now arrange pencils, crayons and color pencils in the organizer.

5. Bird House

Kids will love participating in this project. You need about seven pieces of wood to put this together. One piece of wood will make the base of the bird house, two pieces will construct the roof, and the other four pieces of wood will make the four walls of the wooden bird house.

6. Nail Art

A wooden nail art is a simple project that is easy to get your kids involved. For materials, you need nails, a favorite image, and a wooden board. It will be fun for your kids to pick an image of their choice, which can be a pet they love, an automobile or a house image.

Place the image on the piece of board and secure it with masking tape. Then pound nails, following the image pattern.

7. Picture Frame

Making a wooden picture frame is quite easy. You need four pieces of wood that when put together make a rectangular or square shape. You also need to decide the size of the wooden picture frame by the size of the photos you will frame.

You can make different sizes of picture frames as is suiting. The ends of the four pieces of wood need to be cut to a 45-degree angle. The four pieces of wood should be glued together and clamped. Then attach the card box and pictures.

8. Wooden Play Tent

Making the tent requires six pieces of wood. The play tent will be small to fit a maximum of two kids at a time. It is triangular in shape.

Begin by making the sides of the tent. Fit three pieces of wood together to make a rectangular shape. Then join the two pieces with one supporting frame that will be in the middle of the two side frames. Then, fit two pieces of bright colored piece of clothing and your wooden play tent is ready to be used.

9. Wooden Box

Wooden boxes can be used for organizing various things in the house including edibles like candy, small toys or school supplies. First, you need to decide the size of the box and whether you want a triangular or square shaped design.

The materials you need are five pieces of wood, four for the sides of the box and the fifth is the bottom. Start by shaping the woods and then attaching them to each other to make the box using the necessary hardware.

10. Soccer Goal

Making a home made soccer goal is easy and fun. The standard size of a soccer goal is 24 feet (width) and 8 feet (length). However, it is important to make a size that will fit in your backyard, and therefore you can scale the size down a bit.

You need to make a three D triangular prism shape. You will only need to make three pieces first before attaching the three pieces together to fit and form the soccer goal.

First make the back of the goal, which is rectangular in shape. Then make the two sides that will support the back of the goal. Now fit the three pieces together and also fix a net and the soccer goal is ready to be used.

11. Shelf Bookend

You can use reclaimed chunks of wood to keep the books on the shelf straight. The wooden bookends need to be heavy enough to prevent them from toppling or being pushed by the weight of the books. Each kid can have their own shelf and have their own shelf bookend to arrange their books neatly.

12. X-Shaped Wooden Coasters

Coasters are decorative and are also used for protecting the table by serving as a serving base for placing cups, glasses or other containers. X-shaped coasters are quite simple and easy to make.

13. Arrow Wall Art Pieces

This is a simple project to do. You require four pieces of wood to do one. You can do two or three pieces of arrows to decorate one side of the wall.

14. Candle Holder

You need a slab and a tool for boring holes into the slab. Then decide how many candles you want the slab to hold. Bore the number of holes but they should not pass through the wood so that they can hold the candles well.

15. Shoe Storage Stool

This stool can also serve your kids when they need to reach high shelves. It is a simple stool. The front is open. The other three sides of the stool are totally covered with wood, then it has a top for sitting on as a stool and two shelves for placing shoes.

It should be a small stool for one kid to sit on and enough to keep shoes for just one kid.

There are other equally appealing projects that you can try. They include making dollhouses, money boxes, wooden toys among others. Have your kids try out one project at a time.

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